The Power of Positive Affirmations

I know what you are thinking. “Mumbo Jumbo…Fluff Stuff” is not going to bring me an extra paycheck, less chaos or better luck. But I would ask you to consider that while there is no magic bullet to success, there is power in keeping you, your team and your family laser focused on the tasks and goals ahead. 

One could say “focus, dedication and a belief in one’s abilities” are at the core of any great leader.  I can share that certainly when I start my day with “I can, I will..or I am  success” there is no question my head is on straight and I have focus. 

This seems to be the never ending ending topic and one that will continue to fund books, seminars and  speakers. “What makes successful people successful?”

I can gurantee you that successful people are not walking around saying things like:

• This will never work

• I won’t be able to pull that off

• I am not smart enough 

There is no room  for the “I can’t or I won’t ” in their vocabulary. 

There is another differential in successful people. They are not afraid to take a risk or dream big. It is that simple. 

  • Positive thinking provokes creativity.
  • Positive affirmations enhance energy and drive.
  • Positive thinking drives persistance.

Being happy and thinking happy must become a habbit…not just a celebratory sentence or quote. This is easier said than done, but if you walk away from this blog with one piece of the ” secret sauce,” that would be it. State your positive affirmations and intend to live them every day as a habit.

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