The Power of Positive Affirmations

I know what you are thinking. “Mumbo Jumbo…Fluff Stuff” is not going to bring me an extra paycheck, less chaos or better luck. But I would ask you to consider that while there is no magic bullet to success, there is power in keeping you, your team and your family laser focused on the tasks and goals ahead. 

One could say “focus, dedication and a belief in one’s abilities” are at the core of any great leader.  I can share that certainly when I start my day with “I can, I will..or I am  success” there is no question my head is on straight and I have focus. 

This seems to be the never ending ending topic and one that will continue to fund books, seminars and  speakers. “What makes successful people successful?”

I can gurantee you that successful people are not walking around saying things like:

• This will never work

• I won’t be able to pull that off

• I am not smart enough 

There is no room  for the “I can’t or I won’t ” in their vocabulary. 

There is another differential in successful people. They are not afraid to take a risk or dream big. It is that simple. 

  • Positive thinking provokes creativity.
  • Positive affirmations enhance energy and drive.
  • Positive thinking drives persistance.

Being happy and thinking happy must become a habbit…not just a celebratory sentence or quote. This is easier said than done, but if you walk away from this blog with one piece of the ” secret sauce,” that would be it. State your positive affirmations and intend to live them every day as a habit.

“Working 9 to 5, Ain’t No Way To Make My Living”

Remember those lines?

“Tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myselfcup of ambition”

That is the opening line to one of my favorite entrepreneurial songs. Why is that? Because those lyrics resonate more and more as I enter my mid 50’s working on the plan for my exit strategy. You know, the one that lets me live debt free, happily ever after with my family and my pups waking up every day drinking my coffee while gazing at the sunrise upon a glistening lake. The birds are singing and the air is calm and I can say “I didit my way.” Catching a theme here?

Okay, so I am not quite there yet…but getting closer every day. I thank the lord above and the company that downsized me over ten years ago for giving me the opportunity to see my entrepreneurial strengths. Yes, that fateful day I was forced into the realization I had to put my big girl panties on and stop  working hard to put money in someone else’s pocket. It was time to get busy controlling my destiny toward making a better life for me and my family. Time to put money in my pocket.laura-christine




This picture was my business partner and I with huge visions of opportunity after we met with our web designers in Maine. That was just the beginning of our dream to be world famous consultants with two thousand dollars of operating expenses and one client.

But vision is what we had and it is what’s required.  Combine that with goals, a plan and the willingness to suffer through failures, closed doors and  more failures …that equals the journey to success. We can tell you all about the “nos” and the “closed doors.” I would rather tell you about one open door in particular, along with the few loyal friends who always came and still come through.

Success does not happen overnight although it may appear so to many. It takes hard work, discipline, some good friends who will take a chance on you and the willingness to listen.


Success is always in your grasp if your willing to be open to opportunities. Let’s face it, times have changed.  There are ways to make  money on your own time schedule from multiple locations. Today I can put in a load of laundry, do two Skype conference calls, write a proposal for Aesthetics 360 and go for my walk with my dogs all before noon while earning residual income from my skincare business. Then I can visit with a friend, shop, run errands and still be making money being one click away from my cell phone.IMG_20170925_115318_008

This photo was actually taken on a work trip. Yes, I had a lay over in Dubai after working a contracted project with Johnson & Johnson in India.  While I was halfway around the world on a different time zone, I got to coordinate a learning event, be a guest speaker, ride a camel, attend high tea and still make renewable income with my skincare business. A little more curious now about working for yourself?

As you can see, nine to five is not for me and may not be for you!

This is my office in the summer! I may not be in front of the lake yet, but I am the #poolhouseceo #poolsideceo. This living comes with its challenges.  There are ups and downs. But it is on my terms. 20171015_175835

Call me a dreamer if you may, but I invite you to come along for the ride.  Give me ten minutes of your time to share the gift of financial independence and if it is not for you..that’s o.k. Just remember, there’s a better life if the nine to five shift is not your wheelhouse.  Don’t forget to ask me about our 60 day challenge! I cannot wait to be working with you in 2019! Email me at!IMG_20170306_104219_095

You Are A Champion

champions“I am always the most positive person”  said no one ever. Because….everyone has “off” days. But you know what is so great about having an “off day?” It is an opportunity to pick yourself back up and be even better the next day. It feels great when you can get out of that funk. The key is to remember that life will hand you “ups and downs” and “obstacles.” The key is to never give up and understand that these obstacles are simply little detours  in the road to our destinations. How do you find your way back?

  1. Surround yourself with supportive and amazing people. The key to a great leader is to surround oneself with people who are even greater. Form a united team of friends, family and colleagues.
  2. Remember that everyone has ‘challenges.’ You are not unique in this category. I know it is hard, but it is true. The key to success is in how you address your challenges and work through them.
  3. Help someone else. I always find that when I am having a down day, what can make me feel better is to give some of my time to someone less fortunate or someone who needs a helping hand or an ear to listen.
  4. Learn from your mistakes. Our biggest challenge lies in ‘not’ repeating the same mistakes. Look back on a situation and ask yourself “how could I have handled that differently?” I learned this lesson with age, so maybe I can help someone learn that a little earlier.
  5. Ask for help. There is no shame in asking for some help. Another lesson learned with age. It is not a sign of weakness. it is a sign of strength.
  6. Never give up on your dreams. When you give up on a dream you are giving up on making the most of your amazing gift-life. So use every second of every day to make your dreams a reality. Set your goals and your possibilities are endless.18684


You Are Entirely Up To You, A Journey Worth Taking



I love that quote! Think about it. What does it mean to you? For me, it is so empowering.  It reminds me that anything IS possible in this life we have been blessed with. This  quote says when you travel life’s road you will be given choices. How you look at these choices and react is up to you. This is how I live my life every day. I am 53 and the possabilities are endless .

Think about this. If you have the ability to imagine something in your mind that you want-  and you can see it as a target- then the dream is possible.   What you do next is THAT which will define you. Your next step IS entirely up to you. It is up to you to create a plan to achieve your goals.

And think about your journey. This  road trip will have some twists and turns, but that is what makes a trip fun. No one wants to drive on a straight road for hours with nothing to see! BORING. It IS the twists and turns that make us look forward to what lies ahead .

This road trip may have some detours or roadblocks along the way . No one said this would be easy.  How you react to the  roadblocks – that will be your defining moment.

  • So you can  be “Debby Dreamer” and stare out the window just sight seeing hoping something magical will appear.
  • You can be a “Betty Blamer” and find every reason why you can’t or haven’t reached your final destination.
  • You can be “Negative Nancy” and focus only on the bumps in the road- poor me, nothing goes,my way. It figures there is a road block-nothing is ever easy .

Or you can simply  rise to the occasion.  Make a plan and when you hit a roadblock adjust the journey. Look at the “hiccup ” as an opportunity to see more sights.  The roadblock is just a means for you to  find another way around to your end point . You might have to back track a bit and regain your bearings, but that is how you learn.

If you can realize that every day you make a choice of who you  are going to be and that “You are entirely up to you, ” life’s journey will never be a disappointment.





Deciding to cut the ties from your steady eddy job and venture forward with an unknown future business is brave and frightening all at once. But even more challenging is overcoming the fear of making the right choice.  Fear of failure …Fear of scrutiny from your family and friends…Fear that you are starting  too late . Well it is never too late, you will always meet resistance and naysayers and you could fail. But the real failure is in giving into your fears and not focusing on your dreams.

More and more people are out there working home based businesses and touting their benefits.  We are the champions ! We are the people who dare to do more ! So, how do you choose?

I will tell you how I chose and how many people go about their new journey.

  • Have an open mind and listen to all opportunitues.  Not only will you learn about the company, you will get experience on the do’s and don’ts of a product presentation .
  • Look into the leaders in the company . Who are they ? What is their track record?
  • Look at the numbers. What is the company grossing? How much have they grown? What is the future growth opportunity?
  • Look at the product itself and reviews . Remember there are never going to be perfect reviews . Weigh the good and the bad.
  • Then look at support . Success does not happen overnight . It might look that way but it comes from work and dedication . Will you have the support and tools to succeed?

This is what I did when I joined the Rodan +Fields  team. I had already run my own business for 9 years. I was looking for supplemental and renewable income with a group of really fun people, a product I could stand behind and a means to make more money but share the wealth . I also wanted to keep my overhead low. This works for me!

I can work anywhere from my phone any time and I do not have to have inventory in my home .

Think about what you have a passion for. “You are entirely up to you” – unknown author

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