“Working 9 to 5, Ain’t No Way To Make My Living”

Remember those lines?

“Tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myselfcup of ambition”

That is the opening line to one of my favorite entrepreneurial songs. Why is that? Because those lyrics resonate more and more as I enter my mid 50’s working on the plan for my exit strategy. You know, the one that lets me live debt free, happily ever after with my family and my pups waking up every day drinking my coffee while gazing at the sunrise upon a glistening lake. The birds are singing and the air is calm and I can say “I didit my way.” Catching a theme here?

Okay, so I am not quite there yet…but getting closer every day. I thank the lord above and the company that downsized me over ten years ago for giving me the opportunity to see my entrepreneurial strengths. Yes, that fateful day I was forced into the realization I had to put my big girl panties on and stop  working hard to put money in someone else’s pocket. It was time to get busy controlling my destiny toward making a better life for me and my family. Time to put money in my pocket.laura-christine




This picture was my business partner and I with huge visions of opportunity after we met with our web designers in Maine. That was just the beginning of our dream to be world famous consultants with two thousand dollars of operating expenses and one client.

But vision is what we had and it is what’s required.  Combine that with goals, a plan and the willingness to suffer through failures, closed doors and  more failures …that equals the journey to success. We can tell you all about the “nos” and the “closed doors.” I would rather tell you about one open door in particular, along with the few loyal friends who always came and still come through.

Success does not happen overnight although it may appear so to many. It takes hard work, discipline, some good friends who will take a chance on you and the willingness to listen.


Success is always in your grasp if your willing to be open to opportunities. Let’s face it, times have changed.  There are ways to make  money on your own time schedule from multiple locations. Today I can put in a load of laundry, do two Skype conference calls, write a proposal for Aesthetics 360 and go for my walk with my dogs all before noon while earning residual income from my skincare business. Then I can visit with a friend, shop, run errands and still be making money being one click away from my cell phone.IMG_20170925_115318_008

This photo was actually taken on a work trip. Yes, I had a lay over in Dubai after working a contracted project with Johnson & Johnson in India.  While I was halfway around the world on a different time zone, I got to coordinate a learning event, be a guest speaker, ride a camel, attend high tea and still make renewable income with my skincare business. A little more curious now about working for yourself?

As you can see, nine to five is not for me and may not be for you!

This is my office in the summer! I may not be in front of the lake yet, but I am the #poolhouseceo #poolsideceo. This living comes with its challenges.  There are ups and downs. But it is on my terms. 20171015_175835

Call me a dreamer if you may, but I invite you to come along for the ride.  Give me ten minutes of your time to share the gift of financial independence and if it is not for you..that’s o.k. Just remember, there’s a better life if the nine to five shift is not your wheelhouse.  Don’t forget to ask me about our 60 day challenge! I cannot wait to be working with you in 2019! Email me at lap2913@gmail.com!IMG_20170306_104219_095

Anything’s Possible


“I push to the limits, I climb every wall. I keep on believing that anything’s possible.” – Lea Michele

Great lyrics to a song by Lea Michele. The opening lines are very meaningful to me in regards to the last seven years of running my own company. We push to the limits and we believe anything is possible.

The picture posted is Laura Jackson and myself, which seem so long ago, in the first year of launching our company Aesthetics360, LLC. I think I was full of dreams and Laura was cautiously optimistic. I think she was somewhat in shock that we were pushing forward with “rose colored glasses.” But we did it. We pushed, we pulled, we waited and we conquered. So it was no shocker to my family when I decided to launch my second business, or plan B- being an Independent Consultant with Rodan & Fields. If you want to be part of a disrupter, this is a company to definitely look into. But it is not a get rich quick scheme. Just like any business, it is yours to make or break.

In business and in life we take risks. According to Harvard Business Review, “It takes a special kind of courage to be the person who will take calculated risks. People who become good leaders have a greater than average willingness to make bold moves, but they strengthen their chances of success through careful deliberation and preparation.”

If you have ever thought of going into business for yourself, know this:

  • The road is not filled with instant success, it is tiny wins that happen over and over again. And after a while these wins become the small accomplishments that bring you one step closer to your destination.
  • You need to set attainable goals. Again, each accomplish will bring you closer to that financial freedom you are looking for.
  • Don’t ask your family what they think of your  new business idea. They will be the first ones to tell you all of the cons. Often this is because they are relying on you for steady income or they are concerned that you might fail and they think they are saving you some grief an aggravation.  Either way, leave your family out of it. (just my opinion)

Also know, that being the CEO of you will be the most liberating  and terrifying job you have ever had. You  will make your own hours and you will work as hard or as little as you want. You will  not have to worry about being downsized or passed over for a promotion. The job will be all about what you put into it. And that is they-what you are willing to put into it.

If you push to the limits and keep believing, you will be a success.




Too Good To Be True?

No Limits Sign

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.”  My generation has grown up hearing that phrase. But today, this is not necessarily the case. More than ever are we seeing growing opportunities for entrepreneurs. Maybe this is because many of us are tired of the “uncertainty” that lies within corporate jobs these days. “Who is going to be the next group to be downsized?

Perhaps people are tired of spending half of their day commuting to a job that may pay well, but that is taking them away from family time. “Working for my family but never seeing my family? “ That seems to be a common theme.  Perhaps some of us are tired of working ‘our all’ just to help someone else make all the money. Whatever the reason is, there are home based businesses out there that are “tried and true.”

Don’t get me wrong. Success  doesn’t happen over night and magically you are making millions. Everything takes practice, dedication and work.  But with the proper choice in business and the right attitude, you have no limits. YOU, are entirely up to you.

Usually my blogs do not promote a particular company, but today I want to share a bit about my ‘side gig.’  Why? Because people DO think it is too good to be true and I want to share the gift that has been given to me.  I was lucky enough to listen and learn when people pitched ideas to me.  I was lucky enough to see the business opportunity  in front of me when it was presented. I was able to start a home based business, fully up and running with a website and product for under $1000.00 in five minutes. My only regret is not having started sooner.  My slow decision was probably due to the fear of what ‘others might think.’ So when you are looking at something that you think is too good to be true, STOP, THINK, LISTEN…and just maybe you can find your plan B.

  • Listen to the opportunity-what is 30 minutes out of your day ? It is nothing if you consider you are about to hear about something that may change your life!
  • Do some research. Ask questions and review the company profile.
  • Consider the ‘buy in’ and the product. Is there a valid, branded product to stand behind?
  • Don’t worry about what other people think. If you want to go for it go for it. The only regrets are the chances we never took.
  • Can you start earning immediately?
  • Are there policies and procedures?
  • Do you need to have inventory at home or is it internet based?
  • Do you need a support team to execute your plan?

These are just a few of the questions I would ask. But in the end, what have you got to lose?I was lucky enough to learn about Rodan & Fields and I have been an Independent consultant for over a year. I have been supplementing my income from where ever I am-at home, on vacation, at my day job and anywhere!.  I am running my business from my phone and it is a blast!

My final point, have a BLAST! You need to LOVE what you are doing. I am lucky enough to be having fun while I work this business. And so, as  I know “it is entirely up to me” to be a success, I have decided to put more time into this side gig year two. And you know what-I am making money and learning a lot about business.  Some of what I learn with my side gig has helped me be even better at my main gig. So, the next time someone presents an opportunity to you that seems ” TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE,” the time has come to take a listen and learn. You may just find your PLAN B!