You Have Brains in Your Head. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. ” – Dr.Seuss

18684Words to live by from one of my favorite and timeless authors. Dr. Seuss may not have realized how often we all need to be reminded of our endless possibilities. We forget that we steer our ship. We are responsible for the direction we take  because we  are the people who make the choices. Now the choices in front of us may not always be fantastic but we always have a choice.

As someone who has been in business for myself for well over 8 years I know how complex and scary some of the choices are that are put before us as entrepreneurs.

1. Should I bring on a partner or stay solo?

2. Who can I trust? Who should I not trust?

3. Do I need a line of credit or do I get investors?

4. How will I support my family if I lose a client ? To be my own boss or work for someone else?

6. Who’s pitch do I listen to? There are so many.

7. Should I just go back to my corporate life or do I stick it out ?

Choices are boundless.  But that is a great thing. That means no matter what we do we have an opportunity to learn from the last choice and then take another step with our feet in our shoes and choose again!

The key is to embrace the fear of the unknown and know you can steer your ship.  The key us to be open to opportunities so your choices expand. The key is to use the brains in your head combined with imagination and faith and the know future possibilities are endless.

Take a look at some if the most successful people in history. They steered their ship.

Look up President Abraham Lincoln and you will see how many times he failed before being elected president.

Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star in 1919 because his editor said he “lacked imagination.”

Vera Wang failed to make the 1968 U.S. Olympic figure skating team. Then she became the editor at Vogue, but was passed over for the editor in chief position. She began designing wedding gowns at age 40 and has a business worth over 1 billion.

I look forward to watching you steer your ship or joining you in that adventure! Keep me posted! I will do the same!

First Impression Matter

Do first impression matter? Can they make the difference between success and failure? Yes to both questions. Why is that? Well some studies state that the reasoning for this comes from the subliminal judgement part of the brain. It’s not fair but it is  clearly how things work. Everything from how you are dressed, how you smile, carry yourself,  or shake a hand will create an impression which could make or break an interview, a proposal, a speech, a date, and so on.  This goes for both men and women.

Today you cannot turn around without seeing a tattoo or body piercing. I am all about expression. I was a music major. Goodness knows I had multicolored hair even when it was not in style!  But my suggestion to you is to get those tattoos somewhere you can cover them unless you work in an environment where this is accepted. For my work, it is not looked upon fondly to have a tattoo sleeve or a pierced eyebrow. So I say, think about who you are going to meet, who you want to be and what you are trying to achieve. Then dress appropriately. Rule of thumb- If you look in the mirror and you are not sure about what you are wearing-change.

Check out this article that speaks to how women specifically dress, can affect their advancement in positions. If you think looks don’t matter, listen to Dermatologist Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist and author of  Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top York Dermatologist.

Consequently, first impressions can occur on social media. It’s not just one person telling someone else about you now when you are looking to work for yourself, it is about many people talking on line to millions of people you do not know. And this cannot be controlled with the exception of you being careful about what you post.

Think about your first impressions and consider how you can improve or help someone else improve! Have a great day!


Don’t Miss The Opportunity!!!!

Do you ever run around with a purpose and totally forget the people around you?Like, trying NOT to make eye contact because you are too busy? We all do. Cmon…I know you do. So STOP! Slow down.  Read my blog today.

I almost missed a great business opportunity today!But I didnt…..

Today  I was walking in the mall rather quickly as I had an appointment and I had limited time to shop  for what I needed.  This young woman in the kiosk says to her co-worker “There is your next customer” as she points and smiles at me.  They were selling some type of hair styling Tool. My immediate gut reaction “no I am in a hurry and I don’t want you to mess  with me hair!” Anyone that know me knows my hair is super important! And I am a hair Product freak and has if just prefect.  And then I stopped and said to myself ” let her give me her pitch, what do I have to lose? Seriously it is just my haird for Pete sake. How vane are you Christine?” Well it was the best ten minutes I spent today! Not only am I going to buy the hair product I immediately realized there was an opportunity right in front of me to talk about my business and see if  it would be a great fit for her.  And how could it not…this girl  was not taking no for an answer in a nice way! So I pulled out my card and I said “You are amazing and you need to learn about my business because you would be fantastic.” She said ” Can I do this from Florida?” And I said    ” You can do if from anywhere. I am doing it right now!” Long story short this girl is moving right near my Florida home and I have a lot of connections for her personally and professionally. I just put my house up for sale and her Aunt just got her realtor license. This girl says shs is tired of making money for other people…right up my the ceo of you… and she had been crying all night just not happy with her career and life path …it was kismet! I said “cry no more. I haveEye brightening cream for you to use and a new business to join. Send me your resume and I will help you network for a job and you can still start your own business at the same time.” The excitement in her eyes made my day. Regardless of she joins my business, made someone smile, I listened to their pitch and learned some selling techniques, I made a friend  and she may have other friends interested in my business! And that is how if works in all of ten minutes! Don’t Miss The opportunities that are right in front of you!IMG_20170306_104219_095