Believe and You Can Achieve-Harry Potter Author

I meet people every day who are barley making if from paycheck to paycheck. They are doing the best they can but somehow life has thrown them some curveball. They are not alone. We all have a Story .Take a look at Brittish Novelist J.K. Rowling.

She was pretty beaten down with the death of her mother, a short lived marriage, living in a tiny flat in Edinburgh with her daughter, living on a welfare check.

Struggling to raise her daughter she continued to work on her book. If at first you don’t succeed try again. Her first book was said to be rejected by three publishers but she finally did get it published.  Wow! Persistence and Leap of Faith.

Today J.K. Rowling is among one of the highest earning women in Brittain.  Her success lies largely on her belief in herself, a desire to be successful and having persevered.

Nothing is free in life…well very little.  And if you are waiting to win the lotto…those odds are not great! How many times do people tell me- I don’t have time to start something new-I don’t have the money to start something different- I am underwater and I just need to get through this and then I will think about it.

The time is now, not later.  Don’t waste your time dreaming about what you want. Grab that brass ring and start your path to achieving your dream.  It is OK to fail. Not everyone gets a homerun the first try. The key is to learn from your mistakes and put your big girl or big boy pants on and start walking again!