Leap of Faith

A leap of faith can be described as “an act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved.” And changing your path in business, or your personal life, often requires a ‘leap of faith.’ You can go the standard road, the road that is comfortable and expected. That is really OK.  BUT, if you want more in life for you, your partner, your family and friends, then it will require not one, but many ‘leaps of faith.’ A Leap of Faith is certainly what Laura Jackson and my web vendors, Glacial Multi Media, took with me when we began Aesthetics 360!

But for me, my journey of being the “CEO of me”  actually began in my late 30’s when I realized I just worked so darn hard for other people and the rewards were limited. I couldn’t understand why co-workers did not work as hard as me or see the vision I had.  That also made me very hard to manage.  A great employee but very outspoken. And the first time I quite a corporate job with nothing to fall back on, my husband while very supportive, was kind of in shock. And my response was  “Don’t worry, I am going to be a consultant!” Well, it was not that easy, but the road led me to another path and another job and if I had not taken that leap of faith, I would not be where I am today! Really, it is the things you do not try, that will you regret.

Check out this recent article on top 3 jobs at home reviewed– and it is not Rodan + Fields or Aesthetics 360!  This is not an endorsement for these jobs, I am just opening your eyes to what is out there if you look. Take a ‘leap of faith!”