First blog post

Today I am working on creating a blog that I can hopefully use as a tool to share the benefits of making dreams a reality. I am an independent business owner who left my very cushy, high end medical device jobs with all the benefits of the corporate world (company car, large monthly bonus, health benefits, those great travel points you get when you fly everywhere, etc.) to become my own boss. I wanted to be “the CEO of me.” But that also meant, no more corporate car and monthly bonus programs and most importantly, no more security in knowing what my next pay check was going to be and when it would arrive! It wasn’t easy and it was surely scary being a middle aged woman, competing with some very well seasoned consultants in my field. I had the support of an amazing business partner Laura Jackson, and let me tell you, there were days we thought, maybe we should throw in the towel. But we did not.  Today I am an the CEO of two companies and I AM THE BOSS OF ME!

This picture is a recent photo of a great personal accomplishment. I was not only a ‘guest speaker’ but my company was hired to coordinate the speakers and content for an event in India for Johnson & Johnson. We helped launch the first Johnson & Johnson India University, which was a meeting specifically dedicated to helping doctors with their current cataract and vision correction business. It was dedicated to  implementing efficiencies, expanding on the  patient experience, understanding marketing but most importantly how to implement best medical practices for patients.  Yes the company that I used to work for, actually hired my company to launch this program. Dreams do become a reality!

I am here to tell you, you can do it! If you are thinking about going out on your own, stay tuned for more tips and ideas. Learn about my second business Rodan + Fields and how it has given me freedom to work from anywhere and change lives. Learn about tips on how to network and hear from my many colleagues who have also branched out on their own. Let us be your inspiration to  fulfill your dreams! Our first recommendation….get the book  “Get Over Your Damn Self”-The no BS  blueprint to building a life changing business!


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